Andolini And BlondBigDick Dominate And Fuck Felpp In A Parisian Hotel.

Andolini‘s stay in Paris made our wolf very hungry. Andolini was lucky enough to meet the handsome Brazilian, Felpp, in the evening. The two men immediately developed an electric mutual attraction. So much so, in fact, that Felpp changed his Paris schedule to offer Andolini the chance to get to know each other better. Since Andolini obviously couldn’t say no, the two ended up at the apartment. Andolini was now extremely hot, so much so that he could hardly stand it, indeed his balls had been full for over 12 hours. He couldn’t wait to give Felpp a French lesson. It was, as expected, an electric encounter. The electric shock … here” (TK)

“Andolini was waiting for the metro back to his Paris hotel. Despite his latest discharges, he was still overheated and felt the need to shed more of his heavy cream. Before boarding the metro on line 1, he spotted his friend BlondBigDick in the distance and decided to join him. The two friends soon realize that they both need to find a kind soul to relieve them. No problem for Andolini, he calls his new conquest, the handsome Felpp, the rest in pictures … here” (TK)

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