Ricky Hard Opens Up In a Special Interview With KINKYBOYS.


Stage name: Ricky Hard
Alias: –

Born: May 24, 1994 (age 30)
Astrology: ♊︎ (Gemini)
Place of birth: —
Country of birth: 🇵🇹 Portugal

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: Portuguese
Professional Status: 🟢

Height: 177 cm (5.8ft)
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)
Penis: 20 cm (8in)

Hair: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Body type: Swimmer
Ass type: Medium Ass
Butt: Natural
Foreskin: Uncut
Chest hair: Shaved
Underarm hair: Natural
Pubic hair: Natural
Ass hair: Natural
Tattoo: Left Deltoids (Severus Snape’s quote from Harry Potter: “Always.” & the Deathly Hollows symbol), Biceps

Anal, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Kissing, Masturbation, Rimming

Position: Versatile, Top Bareback, Bottom Bareback

X : @xxrickyhardxx
Instagram: @itsrickyhard
JustFor. Fans: @xrickyhardx
OnlyFans: @xxrickyhardxx

Ricky Hard [ /ˈrɪkiː hɑːd/] (born in May 24, 1994 in Portugal) is a portuguese pornographic actor and adult content creator, currently in activity (🟢).

In 2023, KINKYBOYS named Ricky Hard, KINKYBOYS™️ Performer Of The Year alongside Igor Lucios.

I was a very active and smart child, I loved school.

My mom would say that I started crying when I was sick and she wouldn’t let me go to school. I became an older brother really soon, I was not even 3 years old, so my childhood was a bit rushed so I could help my mom around.

My fondest memories with my family are the memories of Christmas together. When my grandmother was alive she would always have all the family together around her house, all the grandchildren, uncles and aunties having fun and chatting.

It was during my first year of high school that I actually figured that I was gay, after trying with a girl and I couldn’t just feel it.

I was also bullied in high school, called faggot and other names. But I pushed through it and manage finish it without major problems.

Adventurous, Romantic, Humble.

My favorite porn stars were Bo Sinn, Rafael Alencar and William Seed

We both met in May 2021, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. During a Lucas Entertainment production. I saw Igor alone on the sofa, all shy, and it reminded me of myself in my first production, so I just approached him and started talking to him. Until we ended up in the pool kissing and me touching his cock (laughs).

It hasn’t been easy at times, spending so much time together isn’t healthy. But I think the love we feel for each other and the companionship and partnership we have works. We both motivate each other and help each other in every way we can.

I have two favorite scenes. Both of them were made for EricVideos. The first one is the one where me and Igor are in a balcony, and he flip-fucks. It was honestly so hot. The second would be the threesome we had with Gustavo Cruz. I think that scene was so good and the flow of the shooting was perfect, the chemistry on point.

I used to be a nurse, and just before lockdown I quit my job. I was going to start working in a gay nightclub the day every club shutted, so I was left with no work. So i turned into platforms like OF** (Onlyfans, ndlr) and sex work.

It’s always a pleasure to work with actors like Sir Peter, Manuel Reyes, Bastian Karim, Oliver Hunt, Derek Kage and Craig Marks. They are always so fun with and be with.

I wouldn’t say it is a strength on that level. We both film with guys that we are actually into.

So our content is always authentic.

But I would say that seeing Igor fucking or getting fucked by others really makes me more horny and it shows up in our videos.

Be humble and kind. Don’t let fame get into your head.

It was my favorite scene, we were both so horny that day, it shows ! (laughs)

I don’t think that porn as we know it will be around for much more. With augmented reality becoming a thing, I think it will develop into something else. As with subscription sites, I think they will be around for longer.

So far I don’t have any plans. Probably joining Igor in Brazil and shooting with some guys there. Maybe a South America Tour together. I would love to collab with Rafael Alencar and any thick cock boys in town. (laughs)

Greece, Portugal, Czech Republic, Mexico, England and Spain.

My fondest memory as a Potterhead was the moment I first read the first book and went throught it in one week and by the end of 3 months I had read all the 7 books !

Oh my god, It’s hard ! Especially when I read the books so long ago and some details are blurred and I can’t remember, so Igor is always getting upset because of it.

Every Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa music !

My all time favorite show is Once Upon a Time, when it was over I was crying so much because that show started in 2009 and was done in 2018 brought so much hope to me in really tough times.

The one for dinner and sex would be Tom Hardy and for life would still be my celebrity, Igor Lucios. (laughs)

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