Igor Lucios Speaks In An Exclusive Interview With KINKYBOYS.


Stage name: Igor Lucios
Alias: –

Born: January 27, 1999 (age 25)
Astrology: ♒︎ (Aquarius)
Place of birth: –
Country of birth: 🇧🇷 Brazil

Ethnicity: Latin
Nationality: Brazilian

Height: 170 cm (5.6ft)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Penis: 20 cm (8in)

Hair: Black
Eye color: Brown
Body type: Trim
Ass type: Medium Ass
Butt: Natural
Foreskin: Uncut
Chest hair: Natural
Underarm hair: Natural
Pubic hair: Natural
Ass hair: Natural
Tattoo: Biceps, Forearm, Hands, Fingers, Deltoids, Chest (“Boys Don’t Cry”), Shin, Foot

Anal, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Kissing, Masturbation, Rimming

Position: Versatile, Top Bareback, Bottom Bareback

X : @igorlucios
Instagram: @itsigorluciosss
JustFor. Fans: @igorlucios
OnlyFans: @igorlucios

Igor Lucios [ /ɪˈgɔr/ /ˈlusioʊz/] (born in January 27, 1999 in Brazil) is a brazilian pornographic actor, model and adult content creator, currently in activity (🟢).

In 2023, KINKYBOYS named Igor Lucios, KINKYBOYS™️ Performer Of The Year alongside his husband Ricky Hard.

I was a quiet, nerd type child, my favorite activities were (and still are) swimming, drawing and reading. I didn’t have lots of friends but a few good ones. I was always the one with the highest grades of my class and used to get along mostly with my teachers.

My fond memories are mostly with my mom. We were pretty close when I was a kid, I remember we had fun calling the phone of the local radio and asking to play the 00’s hits so we could spend time dancing and singing together.

I decided to study in a very progressive school when my parents were in a very conservative vibe, so it was very complicate. Specially because I was very sexual, very curious and exploring my sexuality, I used to go out hiding, to be with my boyfriends or parting with friends.

Actually I think that hiding things made everything seems even more exciting to be honest, so I really enjoyed those three years.

I was still 16 when I finished high school, then I ran away from my parents house and city, I found a job in a coffee shop inside the airport of an island and I started to live by myself three months after the prom.

Determinate, Honest, Wild.

Yeah, I had a few, hahah I can randomly say Harry Louis, Tim Kruger and Kayden Gray.

We both met in May 2021, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We first saw each other few days before a Lucas Entertainment production, then when we were there and Ricky came to talk to me, it was my first time working for Lucas and I was shy, feeling a bit intimidated, and Ricky tried to be friendly *dying to get into my pants haha* and in a couple weeks after the production was over, we started to live together sharing a suite, I extended my time in Mexico and Ricky came to live with me in Brazil after that.

It is very difficult indeed. But there’s no success without trying, that’s what we do. We try, we talk honestly and clearly about our feelings and thoughts, and try our best to be respectful and empathic.

I’d pick from the scenes I have with Ricky, both from Eric Videos.

They are very popular, and of course there’s a reason for it. Most of the studios would think it’s boring or a waste of time to make a scene with a couple who already has loads of videos together on their onlyfans accounts. But in those scenes, (one with me and Ricky, and the one with us and Gustavo Cruz) we had our chance to put ourselves on proof of what we are capable of, (literally, I did my first DP on camera that day! Haha what a memory to have on record!)

So, I believe it was a great job because our intimacy made us capable of feeling even more comfortable with the cameras… (if you don’t think porn actors have self-esteem issues, you’d be surprised to know how much the exposure can affect people in this industry.)

The scenes of both of us are really the best, you can feel our chemistry on the screen, you can notice the joy in our eyes, the pleasure in our face. 

I’m really grateful for being able to work with Ricky and have this register for posterity. When I get old I will watch our videos and I’ll be sure I enjoyed my youth the best way I could, doing what I like to do with who I love.

When I was 18 I posed for free for a male nude magazine, called “Natus”, from my hometown in Brazil, it was a success. They offered me to pose for a digital edition, with a proposal to receive a percentage of the income.

The pics were in nature, jungle and beach,  and it wasn’t explicit content, there’s no hard on pics.

Then my old instagram became a bit popular, I made a friend online, Gregory, who I’ll be forever grateful for advice me to do a Onlyfans account in 2019.

Back then I was in college, studding I.T. and Entrepreneurship, I was managing to live with my two-hundred-dollars-per-month-scholarship + the income from the magazine, but when I started do make erotic content for Onlyfans my earnings were already bigger then someone with a long I.T career in Brazil, so I decided to jump on porn and see if I was good on it, because I already knew I liked to work with sex.

I had a really good time working with Kosta Viking, Rudy Gram and Kayden Gray.

@igorlucios / @kaydengray ©️ 2023 OnlyFans ® All Rights Reserved.

Igor Lucios : Yes, being able to explore, develop and record my sexuality, not just mine but Ricky’s too, together, is definitely strength when it comes to authenticity.

I always liked to record my sexual experiences, so sharing that with the help of the internet and having a good feedback in my first year doing this professionally is something I am really great full for. Not to mention I’m doing what gives me pleasure, with who I love, what else I could ask for ?

The scene for Eric Videos “Igor And Ricky Are Super Horny” directed by Eric Paris stayed for 24 weeks on KINKYBOYS weekly charts in 2022.

This title is very appropriate, I remember we were really enjoying all of it. But nothing can beat the first time I felt two dicks inside me2, you can tell by my face that’s was really a moment to keep on my memory forever with much passion. (laughs)

I wouldn’t say perfectly, the studios are a great way to increase our visibility online and each studio has its own identity. I believe the future of porn lies in something else, something in between models and directors.

Today it is easier to get the tools and knowledge to make what the industry demands, so soon enough things are going to change even more, so probably the ones with more resources are going to find a way to keep it up, and the studios are going to adapt.

Hahah my agenda for 2023 is open, I probably will find a lot of Brazilian guys around the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to make videos, and something tells me I’ll get the chance to share Ricky’s ass with my Brazilians fellas, so there’s some good stuff coming up

Brazil, Portugal, Greece.

I love the beach, sun, and tropical weather. And I can’t deny my roots, I don’t feel that I fit in anywhere as I do in Portugal and Brazil, and is nothing about the language but something with the quality of the life style, our food, the kind people, our comedy and tourist attractions, there’s so many beaches, waterfalls, parks, theaters  and so much culture. After I lived outside Brazil I realized how precious the country is, and how everyone I met who came here loved, and everyone wants to come back.

Ricky gave me the best Christmas gift I ever had, a Hogwarts model in puzzle format. It was my first Christmas in Europe, I wasn’t used with the cold and dark by this time of the year, so he made a very special celebration with movies and dinner (he’s also a great cooker) and we build the replica of the castle together, I barely slept to finish our Hogwarts model in the Christmas morning.

Tell me about it! No one can really think a Slytherin stands a Gryffindor! (what a kinky fetish, right?)

Lost – Frank Ocean

Tainted Love – Harrison

Heart of Glass – Miley Cyrus

Time of the Season – The Zombies 

Vamos Fugir – Skank 

Girl U want – DEVO

Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper 

Killer Queen – Queen 

Howlin´ for you – The Black Keys 

Sucker’s Prayer – The Decemberists 

There’s Harry Potter of course, The Hunger Games, Sherlock, How To Get Away With Murder, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (1st and 2nd seasons were good but then they lost the way) and most recently I watched “The Bastard Son And The Devil Himself” and I love it!

Oh and Cruella with Emma Stone, I just want more of that!

Can I pass the dinner and have a night with Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie ? I think Emma Watson for life, she seems to be just like Hermione.

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