Kosta Viking Makes His Kristen Bjorn Debut And Flip-Fucks Passionately With Gus Torres.

Gus Torres is thrilled to be in this casting because he is the one that gets to induct Kosta Viking. Gus is aware of the legend of the gifted cock, the sexy man and all the talents that he brings with him, that man is Kosta.

Both men’s cocks are rock hard long before the clothes come off. As Kosta strokes both of their cocks their kissing is hitting a new level of passion. The attraction between these two men is electric and no acting required. Kosta begins by deep throating Gus’ fat cock, taking it all the way down his throat, deep enough so that Gus’ pubic hair tickles his knows and his balls rest on his chin. Cannot get any deeper than that.

Gus gets spun around and Kosta immediately begins feasting on his magnificent ass. Kosta works his way from smooth pucker hole, to clean shaven balls down the long uncut cock shaft.

Dropping down, Gus begins sucking on Kosta’s long, hot cock shaft. Gus takes his time working down the incredible cock before him, knowing that he needs to relax just a bit more. As Gus continues with his expert cock sucking skills he reaches the base of Kosta’s cock. With his cock buried in Gus’ throat, Kosta holds him in position and enjoys the feel of Gus’ throat closing in on his swollen head.

Being spun around again, Gus’ ass is being teased by Kosta’s throbbing cock. Kosta slips just the head in as Gus gasps for air and works hard to accommodate the huge cock demanding entrance. Gus catches his breath and signals to Kosta that he is ready and every inch of cock is shoved up his smooth ass. Now that Gus is relaxed Kosta begins his deep ass fucking.

The guys swap things up completely and Kosta lowers his ass onto Gus’ granite cock. Kosta is riding Gus’ cock for all the pleasure he can pull from it as his own swollen cock flops around in pure pleasure with each deep penetrating thrust.

Another flip and this time Gus is on his back, legs spread wide open with Kosta having full access to his hot hole. Kosta has fucked Gus deep and hard and massaged his prostate perfectly as Gus grabs hold of his cock and strokes out a huge load of cum that coats his ripped abs. Kosta continues with his intense fucking as Gus’ ass milks his cock. Flying past the edge of no return, Kosta explodes a huge load of cum that from balls to chest.

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