Gianni Gio Fucks Samuel Blanco Deep In “Touch Me”.

The art of touch can be a very stimulating thing, as Samuel Blanco finds out when he meets his new roommate Gianni Gio. Gianni’s room does not have a door and asks Samuel to be quiet while he rests. Samuel is wild with desire after meeting his new roommate and peers in on him and sees that he is enjoying the art of touch and dreams of doing the same.

Samuel enters and is handed a bottle of oil and begins applying it all over Gianni’s hairy, muscular body. Gianni stands up and Samuel removes his underwear, exposing his rich mocha colored cock. Samuel wastes no time in parting his mouth and sucking on Gianni’s magnificent cock. Gianni switches it up with Samuel and begins sucking his hot twunk cock.

Another flip and this time Samuel is flipped onto his shoulders, ass straight up and spread wide open. Gianni expertly probes that hot, smooth hole with his piercing tongue. Gianni’s expert tongue fucking has both men in a state of ecstasy.

Gianni can sense Samuel’s sexual energy and lowers his ass down and rams his cock in and out of that eager and hungry ass. Ramming his cock hard and deep inside of Samuel has Samuel grinning with joy and gasping for air as each deep thrust takes his breath away. This is the result of being touched deeply and profoundly.

Samuel gets flipped over and Gianni continues with his extreme fucking. Gianni has more power in this position and Samuel feels every inch of his powerful cock filling his ass as Gianni rams his cock in and out of his pink hole.

Another flip and Samuel is squatting his smooth ass down onto Gianni’s rock-solid cock. Samuel grinds his ass up and down the full length of Gianni’s throbbing cock. As Samuel is grinding up and down on Gianni’s cock his own swollen cock is flopping around and filling with pleasure. Samuel has fucked himself amazingly as he grabs hold of his cock and strokes out a hot, creamy load of cum. As Samuel’s cum is flowing, Gianni continues fucking his hot ass. Samuel rolls to the side and Gianni showers his smooth ass with his thick load cum. It is safe to say that these two roommates know just how to touch each other.

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