Colt Spence Pounds Trevor Brooks.

Super-sexual duo Trevor Brooks and Colt Spence bring their very real chemistry and mutual interest in the fun of sex into an instant verbal dom-sub dynamic.  It comes to life when Trevor worships and sucks Colt who easily prods him into also lapping at his hole. A very pleased Colt is soon motivated to return the favor by sucking Trevor back and burying his face in his hole. Colt naturally takes his happy dom persona to the next stage by plowing Trevor’s hole and getting him to ride him, while maintaining affectionate passion. After he gets Trevor to taste his cock again, Colt plows him and fucks a load out of him, then shoots his own adding to the cummy mix, then feeding it to him. At the end, Colt has the biggest smile on his face and it will last for hours.

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